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Crystal Mobile med tre krystaller. Håndlagd i Sør Afrika.


Crystal Mobile with three crystals. 

Handmade in South Africa. 

Crystal Mobile

SKU: 217537123517253
kr 998,00Pris
  • These Crystal Mobiles are handmade by HeArt At Work in South Africa. They came into being at the birth of their nephew over 20 years ago and became their signature product.

    Three stones are tied together with copper to honor the power of three. Each stone has its unique properties, these are explained on a card that comes with the product.

    No two Crystal Mobiles are the same, and every single one is individually numbered to keep track of them. The photographs of the products shown here is an example, but you can be sure that each and every one is made with love and carries a specific message and energy to you and your home.

    Choose the color you would like for the general properties these colors will bring into your life at this given moment, and patiently wait for it to arrive.

    Hang them in your home or work space or where ever you spend a lot of time and want to bring the particular properties of the stones into, or simply where you want to add beauty.


    Colour Options:

    Browns: Stability, Alleviating Insecurity

    Orange: Releasing Emotions & Lifting the Spirits

    Yellow:  Self Confidence, Optimism & Strengthening

    Pink:     Emotionally Soothing & Calming, Love

    Green:  Healing & Balancing Emotions

    Blue:     Calming & Protecting

    Purple:  Connecting To Your Spiritual Self

    Black:    Comforting & Protective

    White:   Peace & Comfort


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