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HIMMELI geometri former med agathe, bergkrystall eller blyglass.

Håndlagd i Sør Afrika.


HIMMELI geometry shapes with agate, clear quartz, or lead glass. 

Handmade in South Africa. 


By purchasing this product you support Heart At Work NGO and their work with underpriviliged women in townships in the Western Cape, South Africa. 

Himmeli Crystal

kr 699,00Pris
Agate Color
  • Diamond shape: 10 x 10 x 75 cm

    Triangle shape: 11,5 x 7,5 x 5 cm 

  • "The old Germanic word for Heaven resulted in these ancient sacred geometry shapes being called Himmelis, traditionally made from straw in Finland & hung in sacred spaces to bring good things to the people who dwelled there.

    Hang your Himmeli from the ceiling to remind you of the eternal nature of reality and remember that you are loved. “When you look at the shadows that the himmeli is casting, you remember the transient nature of things, and when you look at the himmeli itself you remember heaven” ".

    - Heart At Work -

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